Canada Couples (

I recently stumbled upon whilst browsing the internet. Canada Couples is a dating site dedicated to swingers. This could consist of couples looking for couples, people looking for couples, or couples looking for people. The user interface was relatively easy to use, and it took me only 2 minutes to register an account.

After the registration process was complete, I managed to get a match within a couple minutes of being on the site, who was in the same region as me, and had a legitimate profile.

The home section featured a random new article, any recommended match I had, my profile, and a few sections dedicated to media. These sections included the top photos, top videos, and a handy little ‘hot or not’ section. This ‘hot or not’ section seemed great for helping to match with more users, which attracted my attention almost immediately.

The final part of the home section were site polls, parties and clubs. The ‘parties’ and ‘clubs’ section seemed awesome for anybody who would be looking for matches in their nearby area whilst having a great night, which was a feature I definitely would use. You could also make your own events, which would be a great way to invite people to a party.

The next section was the search section. The search section was surprisingly great, as I expected it to be just a simple search feature which most sites use. I was quite wrong. The search feature allowed me to be able to select which gender I am, and which gender I am looking for. After selecting the appropriate options, I chose the distance in which I’d like to find users, and managed to get a few more matches.

The profile section was also quite unique, as I was able to upload a status to my user profile, and add in an ‘ad’ and a ‘headline’ to attract potential matches towards my profile. I did have to make sure that my profile wasn’t complete spam however. The moderation on the site was really good, and caught me almost immediately when I changed my headline into an advertisement.

I was able to find a nice selection of dating advice/rules on the articles section of the website. The format of the page was a nice style, with lots of visible thumbnails which managed to catch my eye quite easily.

The users on were really creative, as the blogs section was filled to the brim with stories about their personal lives. There were a few stories which made me partially shocked, but not enough to give the site an even slightly bad review.

The forums section was filled with useful information from other members, along with other random party advertisements, and a few useful tips which I still keep in mind.

The site’s template was well designed. The colour scheme matched most pages, with almost no bugs on the site for me to catch. Overall, I had a great experience on the site, and would recommend it to any friend who was interested in the niche.

The landing page

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